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Selasa, 08 November 2016

Beyond Me: Unleashing Technopreneurship Potential

Beyond Me: Unleashing Technopreneurship Potential
Oleh : Alfred Boediman
Berat : 0.34 kg
Tahun : 2016
Halaman : 160
ISBN : 9789795937746
Penerbit : Kesaint Blanc
Harga : Rp135.000
Harga Normal : Rp150.000
Diskon : 10%
This book ​chronicles the ​education, the ​experience and the​ life of a ​professional ​software engineer ​with personal ​touches. While the​ book takes the ​IT and software ​matters as a ​backdrop, it ​actually applies ​to any kinds of ​profession. ​Basically, the ​book highlights ​the challenges ​that everyone face​ in the course of​ their life and ​how to deal with ​those challenges. ​ Everyone needs​ to be aware of ​the high ​importance of ​their education ​that they need to​ be serious in ​attending their ​education. Even if​ they attend the ​education, it will​ not guarantee ​them a bright ​career or future ​life. While ​education is ​crucial for ​one’s future, it​ is crucial for ​everyone to ​understand their ​passion and ​harness their ​potential because ​that will ​determine the ​future. For this ​purpose, one needs​ to interact with ​their fellow ​workers and learn ​from their ​workplace to ​understand him or ​herself. ​Trying to find a ​profession that ​matches one’s ​true passion is a​ long life ​journey. Patience ​is the keyword.

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